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  • Nice to see you in my e-shop. My name is Beata and I have been wearing children for 15 years. Why children? Because choosing clothes for them is a huge but very fun challenge. Children are active, grow fast and their tastes change instantly. Clothing and footwear should become like a second skin and not restrict movement. Also be not only comfortable but also sustainable, not afraid of washing or cleaning. It is necessary to let the children get dirty, because it is so much fun to play and get to know the world.

    In my store, you can dress the kids without even taking their feet home! Rest assured - the clothes will last a long time and will have more than one host!
    We work with time-tested reliable manufacturers of children's clothing and footwear:

    - Mamajum is a Lithuanian brand created by us, which has a strong position in the production of schoolwear and linen christening clothes.

    - TuTu - the cutest hats and gloves of all seasons. We are the official representative of this brand in Lithuania. Manufacturer from Poland.

    - Valianly - time tested winter overalls. Scandinavian design.

    - D.D.step leather orthopedic shoes - when children put on shoes from this manufacturer, they don't want others anymore! Manufacturer from Hungary.

    Curious to watch the kids grow. It’s fun to contribute a little bit to that.

    Let's become FRIENDS ❤️

    I wish you a good and pleasant shopping!


    Best regards

    Beata Daugedaite

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