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    The company SATO Sp. z o. o. (a manufacturer of branded TuTu headwear) is a family business that began its history in 1930, when the factory's founder, Juzef, the grandfather of the company's current owners, sewn and sold the first hat. These were men’s hats sold in the local market.

    His son Stanislov maintained family traditions and developed hat production. The range of products produced has been expanded to include headwear for women, and trade has expanded throughout Poland.

    Stanislaw’s sons began to expand the market and range and became the third generation to passionately create headgear and more. The main task of the new owners was to look for opportunities to export the products. And then the idea was born -…. ?

    2003 is a year of breakthrough! In a team of brothers working together, joined by Ola (David’s wife), the idea to make hats under the TuTu brand was born. It is a company with 10 years of intensive work and growth, which has started exporting its products to more than 30 countries around the world. During this year, a new summer and winter collection is created each year, featuring more than 200 products for each season. The TuTu brand is increasingly known and worn by children from Canada, the USA, Mexico, Iran, England, through Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the farthest corners of Siberia. The company's activities were guided by the slogan: "We create durable and comfortable hats that children and parents like."

    The company introduces a production and sales management system that integrates all of the company’s production processes and their customers. The brand has collections for various target markets and price categories: TuTu Basic, TuTu Sybir, TuTu Unique. The process of innovation (magical ears, toy heroes and much more) is beginning, which TuTu is still surprising.

    The crisis in the Russian market is forcing the board to act by increasing exports to the West, changing the style of the collection and changing the approach to corporate governance. Product news and innovations are delivered more often and faster in the life of a company.
    Global warming, hot summers with an average temperature above 28 degrees in Western Europe, inspires us to introduce products that protect children from ultraviolet rays. Hats and caps with UV + 30 and UV +50 filters, which protect not only the head but also the eyes and neck, become an indispensable accessory for summer trips to the seaside.

    A new collection of baseball balls is launched: TMC TuTu Mafia Caps. Our loyal customers are adults and teenagers, so we targeted this product. You can now buy our products in sports stores.
    We continue the success of TMC by introducing a line of autumn-winter sports hats with photo printing. Now our customers can decide what their hats should look like. Complete product personalization.

    Locations: Poland, Germany, Russia, Canada. We have shortened the delivery time to 3 days.
    15,000 photos of all products available with marketing support. This has become TuTu's core business. TuTu has not only hats, but also the whole product concept and sales.

    Sewing services for the customer become a big part of the company’s revenue. We are trusted by well-known Western European and Russian brands. We are suppliers of sewing services.
    Kalvik is the highest quality merino wool thermal clothing for children from 1 to 14 years. Kalvik is a new brand in our portfolio. Sato Sp. starts production of well-known headwear brands.

    Knitted promotional hats, made from flexible, warm, water-directing yarn at a low cost, are a product for advertising companies that run head-to-head campaigns.
    Together with a Japanese company, we are preparing an innovative product, TuTu Coolbit, which you will see soon.

    GOTS - GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD, made of 100% EXSTRAFINE MERINO WOOL and a touch of CASHFEEL, is TuTu's answer to the warm or cold winter of 2020. - View our collection

    We see 2021 as a challenge and we are closer to nature than ever before! We know what we do and why - we make hats from natural wool and cotton fiber, we use recycled cardboard for labels and hooks, we use plastic recovered from the ocean for packaging - we like to make hats in harmony with mother nature. We express the closeness of nature in the simplest collection in our history, reduce ornaments and satisfy practical needs in a beautiful, modest style. We take on the challenge of further developing our company and the tutu brand, despite the challenges of COVID-19, our entire team is still working unchanged, we don’t let go and keep working! 

    2022 - our planet is a playground for children full of energy, for whom we care and for which we take responsibility. Tutu products are 100% biodegradable! The plastic bags in which we pack the product, so that it safely reaches you, come from plastic taken from the oceans. We are introducing the BIO & FAIR policy - follow us and you will learn more about it. New - the tutu innovation department has developed a new collection of caps made of Polish, natural linen and a cotton lining with silver ions. This fabric set is antiallergic, has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Search for collections - Linen by tutu. The economic changes that take place in the world of international trade and cooperation have prompted us to raise the standard of customer service. Thanks to the new system of 2D and 3D photography and video files, we are even closer to you 



    TUTU hats with UV filter protect your child from dangerous sunlight 20 times better than hats without filter

    TUTU summer hats protect the child from sunburn and protect against painful burns to the head, neck and face

    All TUTU hats are made of 100% cotton with OEKO-TEX 100 standard certification

    TUTU hats are of the highest quality, safety, fashionable colors and styles - the family tradition continues from the 1930s



    All winter products are made from merino wool.

    Merino wool is the highest quality merino sheep wool. This wool is extracted in a completely natural way, i. y. farmers raising sheep. The texture of merino wool is extremely soft and soft, so it is very suitable for children. Merino wool contains the natural fat lanolin, which has antibacterial properties. Thanks to the special properties of merino wool, it not only absorbs but also evaporates moisture, protects against temperature changes, and is suitable for children with allergies. 

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